Phygital Labs is a non-profit entity bringing game based education content and experiences to students and teachers around the world. Phygital Labs develops courses, guidance and in-game learning environments for game-based instruction of traditional academic subjects. Minecraft: Education Edition is an engaging game for elementary and secondary students and can used to teach physics, mathematics, social studies, art, coding and storytelling; unlocking the creativity and passion our students naturally possess. Phygital Labs provides the tools and guidance for educators to effectively integrate this and other technologies in their classrooms.


  • Minecraft learning resources – Immersive digital learning spaces that model and facilitate curriculum learning and skills development.
  • Training workshops – High-impact teacher training and professional development workshops on games-based learning in the classroom.
  • Events and experiences – Creative public engagement and education experiences for teachers, students and parents.
  • Community – A dedicated community of creators and facilitators including educators, artists, coders, games developers, parents and students.