Kimberly West works with school districts and education corporations around the world. Her work focuses on instructional leadership and policy design, centered on redefining what teaching and learning looks like in the modern classroom, and the vital role technology plays in equalizing access to a quality education for all students. Kimberly’s strength is seeing the big picture and scouting out industry gaps that need to be filled.

Kimberly West, Ed.D

 Board President

Darrell West is a founding partner of insight2execution (i2e). Prior to founding i2e, Darrell has held senior marketing positions in Microsoft Corporation, Fluke Corporation, and Bose Corporation, with responsibilities including strategic market development, audience marketing, and brand management. Darrell graduated magna cum laude from University of Washington with the phi beta kappa honorary. Darrell is a Clifton Strengths Futurist, Ideator, Relator, Strategist, and Maximizer.

Darrell West

 Board Member

Becky Keene has experience as a classroom teacher, district-level instructional technology professional developer, content writer, and project manager. She works with school systems around the United States to ensure successful and strategic implementation of technology for improving student outcomes. She has supported, trained, coached, and advocated for teachers around the world. Becky’s strength is organizing the details that can make dreams come true.

Becky Keene, MSEd

Board Member

Stephen Reid is a passionate advocate of both play as a powerful learning mechanism, and technology as a tool for learning. He has spent his career developing and delivering curriculum content and pedagogical practices that transform learning for students and teachers worldwide. He believes that all learning should be a unique, relevant and meaningful experience, linked as often as possible to the real world, including projects on real farms and in museums, travelling classrooms in shipping containers, as well as building an entire school using a single 3D printer in a South African township.

Stephen Reid

Board Member