About Phygital Labs

Phygital Labs is committed to transforming how our children learn and how our educators teach, building on emerging technology and delivering critical skills for the future.

Minecraft: Education Edition has proven to be a powerful game-based platform for teaching concepts from physics to culture.

Save valuable time with complete lessons and pre-built worlds that get students right to the learning. Continually updated, you get new experiences across all disciplines—aligned to standards—to keep the teaching fresh and the learning engaging!

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Phygital Labs lesson format

Teacher Guidance

Every lesson is designed to support teachers
in using Minecraft as a tool for learning. All resources include a teacher lesson guide and completed teacher exemplar Minecraft world.

Lesson Rubrics

Every lesson has been aligned to US-based standards. All resources contain curriculum-matched rubrics for standards compliance.


Every lesson contains its own unique assessments: In-game assessments built in to the Minecraft worlds Out-of-game assessments that match US-based standards assessments

Audience benefits

Our skilled developers and pedagogy experts will partner with you to create unique game-based experiences specific to your domain that engage, instruct, and inspire!

Please contact us with your ideas and we will work through the details with you!

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